Membership Program:

  • To market the positive attributes of Marco Restaurant Alliance and to raise public awareness of what makes us special and unique.
  • To form an alliance for optimal purchasing efforts.
  • To improve the quality of members through educational opportunities and interaction
  • To actively engage with the Southwest Florida Restaurant Association
  • To foster positive communication and mutual cooperation with the city of Marco Island to promote member-wide growth.
  • To bind together to address and support each other and common goals. All members are assumed to be in compliance with regulatory and city requirements.
  • To form cooperative campaigns to recruit, hire, train and retain valuable restaurant employees.
  • To channel the efforts and resources of the independent restaurant community to help improve the quality of life for the Marco community through charitable activities and efforts.

Membership requirements:

  • Must be a restaurant that locally operates on Marco Island. All applications are subject to board approval.
  • All members must fill out and application and sign a Marco Restaurant Alliance charter statement.
  • Prospective members must have a viable business open to the public.
  • Prospective members must be referred by a current member of the Marco Restaurant Alliance.
  • Members are recommended (required) to be a member of the Florida Restaurant Association.

Executive Committee:

  • Members agree that a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer will serve 1-year terms and collectively be referred to as Executive Committee. Terms will begin August 1st and commence on July 30th. No member of the executive committee may serve more than 3 consecutive terms.
  • Members agree that the Executive committee represents the entire membership interests. The President will work with the Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer on key matters.
  • The President is the official “voice” of the Marco Restaurant Alliance.